Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sally Meed-Ball

Sally is Brittney's cousin and heiress to a vast legwarmer empire. Although raised in the lap of luxury, she has a tendency to raise hell in dive bars. She likes to dress up in daisy dukes and tube tops, drink cheap beer and throw some punches. Hoping for Paris Hilton fame, she occasionally goes out in short skirts without underpants and passes out in a drunken stupor. No photos have been purchased by the media yet, but she is regularly in touch with television producers in attempts to get her own reality show. On her 12th birthday, she paid off a tattoo artist to give her a lovely skull tattoo and then mugged him in an alley to get her money back. All the money in the world hasn't bought this girl a shred of class. She is greedy, egotistical and has a nasty monkey bite, but will cuddle nicely when intoxicated or tired, plus she can be fun if you're into that sort of lifestyle.

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