Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sock Monkey: Brittney Ball

Brittney Ball is a blue-eyed, red headed spunky monkey with a great sense of humor and a passion for Latin musicians. She loves chocolate, red wine and takes her vitamin oil regularly. Brittney has a horrible singing voice, but she loves to entertain and has no fear of making a fool of herself. More than anything she longs for fame and has been trying to start her own variety show for years.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Monkeys, Monsters and Earrings are currently being listed. Please keep checking. There is much more to come.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sock Monkey, Dr. Robert R. Ryanderson

Dr. Robert R. Ryanderson prefers to be called Dr. Rob and has been studying non-stop since 1942. He holds several doctorate degrees: Shakespearean Literature, Greek Mythology, Biblical Legends and Earwax Research. He has worn his eyes tired and holes in his elbows, hence the need for patches. Once, when contemplating the connection between King Lear and Sallie May Student Loans, his face froze in a pensive and permanent frown. In spite of his expression, Dr. Rob has a great sense of humor that may be difficult to understand due to the high intellectual content and extent of vocabulary. Dr. Rob often is the only one laughing at his own jokes. Dr. Rob is a great tutor, if you can catch him away from his office or with his face in a book. Rubbing his elbow patches has been unscientifically proven to increase concentration and desire to study.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sock Monkey, Katrina Kay

Katrina Kay, the winged monkey, is the star ribbon trapeze performer for Monque du Cirque's traveling show, "AHHHHHH!!!" She is incredibly strong, flexible and can spit snot balls like a gorilla. Don't let her girlish good looks fool you. She swears like a truck driver and isn't afraid to perform motorcycle tricks. However, all this toughness, masks a gentle little monkey who fears ballroom dancers and dryer lint. She loves romantic comedy and cuddles like a pro if you catch her in the mood.

Legend says rubbing the bright pink belly of a spotted circus monkey brings physical strength and long life. If she lets you get that close, let us know.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Sock Monkey, Brian Chimpernell

Brian Chimpernell is pulling himself up by the ballet slipper ribbons after being rejected from the Monque du Soleil. As a rare winged monkey, Brian was destined to become a great ribbon ballet performer, but a puce body paint allergy has made that dream impossible. However, Brian is trying to stay positive and teach Zumba at the local YMonkCA while waiting for his big break choreographing Ballywood films.

Legend states that rubbing the belly of a winged monkey will bring fortune in career and finances. Brian hopes he can catch a little of that luck for himself in addition to sharing it with others.

Merde Brian!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Sock Monster, Dr. Lena Leonardo Yalomi

Dr. Yalomi is a renowned polka-doted psychologist who has written several books on the philosophical significance of  monsterhood in the 21st century, the care and mental maintenance of zombies and sock horde leadership. Dr. Yalomi has been an inspiration to monsters, demons and leprechauns around the world. She is a world traveler and skilled lecturer. She is insightful, a great listener and by far the smartest monster ever made.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Amigurumi Giraffe, Genie Raff

Genie Raff works at the public library and teaches violin in her spare time. Although introverted and modest, Genie used to model for Artiodactyla's Secret and is best known for her grace and classic beauty. Genie loves long walks on flat plains, smoked salmon and bonsai trees. She is an empathic listener and can be trusted with all your secrets. Please remember, Genie can't swim and is terrified of water. She prefers a home where she will be kept dry and warm and will be exposed to intelligent conversation.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Jethro, The Little Pirate Monkey

Jethro is a mini-sock monkey made of new navy blue and gray socks with a pirate patch on his belly and a red heart bandanna on his head.

Jethro just showed up on our doorstep one night. We think it had something to do with one of our wilder sock monkey's nights out (Owen, we mean you), but Owen will only grab his crotch and say, "Billy Jean is not my lover." We're not really sure what that means.

Regardless, Jethro is a very sweet little monkey. He loves Pirates of the Caribbean, mashed peas and carrots, rock and roll and oddly enough, classical flute music. He sleeps through the night and doesn't cry much. He's very easy to care for and child safe.

Dame Shirley Fonteyn de Arias

Dame Shirley Fonteyn de Arias (you can call her Shirley) is a monster of high standards and utmost grace. Prima ballerina and magic wand connoisseur, she has carried the lead in hundreds of ballets, including Swan Swamp, Les Syphilis, Barbarian and the Beast, and Giselle. She likes fine wines, seaweed scampi and chocolate laxatives with marshmallow fluff.