Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sally Meed-Ball

Sally is Brittney's cousin and heiress to a vast legwarmer empire. Although raised in the lap of luxury, she has a tendency to raise hell in dive bars. She likes to dress up in daisy dukes and tube tops, drink cheap beer and throw some punches. Hoping for Paris Hilton fame, she occasionally goes out in short skirts without underpants and passes out in a drunken stupor. No photos have been purchased by the media yet, but she is regularly in touch with television producers in attempts to get her own reality show. On her 12th birthday, she paid off a tattoo artist to give her a lovely skull tattoo and then mugged him in an alley to get her money back. All the money in the world hasn't bought this girl a shred of class. She is greedy, egotistical and has a nasty monkey bite, but will cuddle nicely when intoxicated or tired, plus she can be fun if you're into that sort of lifestyle.

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Archibald MacGroober

Although attending an elite private boarding school in the Swiss Alps, renowned for their fine cuisine, Archibald has a taste for public school meatloaf, preferably from the schools with the highest rate of students receiving free lunch. Young Mr. MacGroober was the mastermind and executioner of the Bronx PS87 cafeteria heist (using nothing more than a rubber band and old Matchbox General Lee Dodge Charger car, by the way) that resulted in 456 of the city's hungriest students going without Tuesday's meatloaf surprise. Unfortunately for Archibald, the surprise was salmonella and he spent the next 48 hours with a toilet and trash can. However, he now says the stolen lunches were just as delicious the second time around. The students of PS87 have petitioned for a vacation day in Archibald's honor.

Archibald is made from a new pair of blue, white and gray Tommy Hilfiger socks and has curly navy blue yarn hair. He has a felt tongue with black french knots.

If you or a little (or large) someone you know loves to bite things, Archibald isn't the monster for you since his eyes can pose a choking hazard.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Follow, Win and Other Business

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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Sock Monkey: Brittney Ball

Brittney Ball is a blue-eyed, red headed spunky monkey with a great sense of humor and a passion for Latin musicians. She loves chocolate, red wine and takes her vitamin oil regularly. Brittney has a horrible singing voice, but she loves to entertain and has no fear of making a fool of herself. More than anything she longs for fame and has been trying to start her own variety show for years.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Monkeys, Monsters and Earrings are currently being listed. Please keep checking. There is much more to come.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Sock Monkey, Dr. Robert R. Ryanderson

Dr. Robert R. Ryanderson prefers to be called Dr. Rob and has been studying non-stop since 1942. He holds several doctorate degrees: Shakespearean Literature, Greek Mythology, Biblical Legends and Earwax Research. He has worn his eyes tired and holes in his elbows, hence the need for patches. Once, when contemplating the connection between King Lear and Sallie May Student Loans, his face froze in a pensive and permanent frown. In spite of his expression, Dr. Rob has a great sense of humor that may be difficult to understand due to the high intellectual content and extent of vocabulary. Dr. Rob often is the only one laughing at his own jokes. Dr. Rob is a great tutor, if you can catch him away from his office or with his face in a book. Rubbing his elbow patches has been unscientifically proven to increase concentration and desire to study.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Sock Monkey, Katrina Kay

Katrina Kay, the winged monkey, is the star ribbon trapeze performer for Monque du Cirque's traveling show, "AHHHHHH!!!" She is incredibly strong, flexible and can spit snot balls like a gorilla. Don't let her girlish good looks fool you. She swears like a truck driver and isn't afraid to perform motorcycle tricks. However, all this toughness, masks a gentle little monkey who fears ballroom dancers and dryer lint. She loves romantic comedy and cuddles like a pro if you catch her in the mood.

Legend says rubbing the bright pink belly of a spotted circus monkey brings physical strength and long life. If she lets you get that close, let us know.